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Overtime Pay, Wage & Hour

Questions about overtime pay, minimum wage, hours, breaks, or expenses?

Retaliation at Work

Have you been fired for standing up for your rights at work?

Employment Discrimination

Have you lost your job due to discrimination at work?

Sexual Harassment

Questions about Sexual Harassment? We can help recover damages for you.

Non-Compete Agreements

Do you have questions about a non-compete clause?

Executive Compensation

Severance, bonus & commission disputes, employment agreements...

Family Medical Leave

Fired for taking or requesting medical leave?

Independent Contractor Misclassification

Are you an employee or an independent contractor?

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Dating in San Francisco

1) San Franciscan's respect you as you are.  If you show up for a date half-naked, 9 times out of 10 the date will go on.  Go ahead and let it all hang out, most people won't even blink - you are in San Francisco.  You will be accepted for
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Minimum Wages for San Francisco Restaurant Workers

San Francisco's restaurant industry is the worst for wage violations.  (Article here).  Wage violations for San Francisco employees are a serious issue that leads to underpayment of wages and can often times impact an employees right to overtime.  Both Federal and California State laws protect an employee's right to minimum
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Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Employees or Independent Contractors?

Two San Francisco ride hailing companies - Uber and Lyft - are facing class action lawsuits from their drivers based on independent contractors misclassification.  (Article Here)  Both companies treat their drivers as independent contractors.  However, those drivers have now brought class action lawsuits in an effort to get all drivers reclassified as
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21 Reasons to Love San Francisco

Steve Perry from the band Journey said it best "The City By The Bay" is a magical place.  San Franciscans LOVE their city and all that comes with it.  Here are some examples that are obvious: 1) The 49er's.  We did not have the best year in 2014, but we
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Retaliation Cases Are Favored by the EEOC

A recent report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reveal that retaliation cases are preferred by the agency.   The EEOC enforces the federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate or retaliate against a job applicant or employee.   The Statistics Reveal That The EEOC Does Not File Lawsuits
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California School District Under Fire For Discriminating Against Students With Disabilities

Although Jurupa Valley school officials say the district’s functional skills program is designed to help students with learning disabilities get the practical skills they need to take care of themselves when they enter adulthood, one of the activities students were given has enraged some California parents. Carmen Wells, the mother
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