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Have you ever felt as though you’re being cheated of your rights in the workplace?  Have you struggled to secure your overtime pay, or been denied the benefits owed to you by a an employment contract? With over fifteen years experience advocating for employees and executives in employment disputes, the attorneys of the Ottinger Firm understand your predicament.  We have successfully resolved hundreds of cases involving every manner of legal infraction, across a wide range of industries and positions.  Our job is to defend your rights in the workplace — and whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, we’re in your corner.  

You are entitled to fair pay for your hours worked, a harassment-free workplace, equal access to opportunities, and a whole host of other protections designed to ensure a safe and productive work environment for America’s employees.  We’re here to help you defend your rights and achieve the workplace you deserve.  For a free consultation to discuss your situation with one of our seasoned employment attorneys, contact us today.

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“I hired The Ottinger Firm to help me negotiate a severance agreement. They gave me great advice, and helped me secure a favorable outcome during a very trying time. I highly recommend them.”   Paul G.

“I recommend Robert Ottinger at The Ottinger Firm as my experience was positive in every respect – excellent knowledge of the law, vigorous advocacy, excellent communication with me and my colleagues. His team updated us often and then, he won! Robert is credible and ethical and I enjoyed Robert’s demeanor, as well. Highly recommended!”  Patty S.

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