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Ottinger Files: Baby its Cold Outside

January 27,2015 Quote of the Day: "The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches."  E.E. Cummings Getting Fired for Being High What Happened?  The pot you smoke is for medical purposes.  Your doctor prescribed it.  Perfectly legal.  Then you get fired over it.  That can't be legal, can
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Sexual Harassment In California – Is Blake Griffin Guilty?

  This recent video making the rounds (here, here, here...) shows NBA superstar Blake Griffin inappropriately grabbing the head of a team trainer and simulating oral sex. While it appears to have been done in jest, it still raises the question of whether he was sexually harassing the trainer or not. Is thi
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Ottinger Files: The Times They are A-Changin’

(MLK Edition) January 22, 2015 Quote of the Day:  "True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring."    Martin Luther King, Jr. He Had a Dream What Happened? Martin Luther King, Jr. day is different
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On Call Pay Ruling in California – Pay for Sleep Time

On call pay is now required for employees who are required to sleep on the job site.  We expect this ruling to impact nurses, home healthcare workers, security guards and other workers who are required to spend several days on a job site. On call pay can add up for
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New San Francisco Minimum Wage Law is Enacted

Employees who work in San Francisco are entitled to the San Francisco minimum wage.  Starting January 1, 2015, the San Francisco minimum wage will begin increasing until it reaches a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour in 2018.  The first increase to $11.05 per hour will occur on January 1,
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CVS Overtime Pay Suit Settles for $900,000 – Ottinger

  The CVS overtime pay suit involving nearly 2300 warehouse employees settled for $900,000.  The employees alleged that they were not compensated for time spent waiting for security screening in order to enter and exit the warehouse facility and time spent changing into their work aprons. The judge has been
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The Ottinger Files

The Ottinger Files is a bi-weekly newsletter about employment law and related issues

Ottinger Files: Baby its Cold Outside

January 27,2015

Quote of the Day: “The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.”  E.E. Cummings

Getting Fired for Being High

What Happened? 

The pot you smoke is for medical purposes.  Your doctor prescribed it.  Perfectly legal.  Then you get fired over it.  That can’t be legal, can it??  People all over the country thought the same thing when they got canned over marijuana use.   Suits have been filed across the nation.  But judges from California to Connecticut are all saying the same thing – it might be legal to smoke it, but you can still get fired.  Hold on – don’t inhale, the Colorado Supreme Court recently showed signs of humanity.  In that case, a quadriplegic man was fired for using pot while off the clock.  The court will decide if the state constitution gives medical marijuana patients the right to use weed.  Stay tuned and now exhale.

Why Does it Matter?

A lot of people get the wrong idea about the legalization of marijuana.   Even if your doctor prescribes it, and you genuinely need it for medical purposes (like stopping the pain), your boss still ultimately has the power while you are working.  Your pain and doctors note mean nil at the man who writes your paychecks.

The File

The law is usually an ass, unless you’re in Colorado.

 Lawyers who Sexually Harass People

What Happened?

We don’t expect much those blood sucking leaches, but whats up with all the sexual harassment charges against lawyers lately?  Alan Derschowitz, famous criminal defense lawyer and Harvard Law Professor, stands accused of molesting a minor.   At the same time a steamy sexual harassment trial involving lawyers is underway in New York City.    The trial in New York concerns drunk lawyers at a holiday party.  The accused lawyer took the witness stand this week and said he was too drunk to “consummate the act.”  Sounds like that lawyer needs a better lawyer.

Why Does it Matter? 

Don’t be alone in a room with a lawyer.

The File

Who can people turn to if they get sexually harassed?  Certainly doesn’t feel like a lawyer huh?  Unless of course you contact The Ottinger Firm.


What to think about Women, Minorities & Sports

Michele Roberts became the new Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) – WOW!  Go Michele for getting the job that most believed a man would be hired to perform.  Some of the highlights of Michele’s tremendous story are as follows:  a trial lawyer for several top leading national law firms for over 10 years, headed her own firm for several years, worked for the Public Defender Service for many years and to boot she has not practiced Sports Law.  Michele’s never-ending story doesn’t end there – she is also the 1st Minority Woman to run the NBPA.  She holds her head up and says “Yes I’m a woman, Yes I’m a minority, but I CAN and WILL do this job just like any man, why not?”  Michele feels her upbringing will help her to relate to the basketball players.  Many of the players had a tough upbringing like herself (one parent who was always working to do the right thing).  Stand back NBPA – there is a new Union Chief and it’s a ray of sunshine shining bright…

What to think about Looking Smart @ Work

How do you present yourself at the office so you appear smart?  Do you do it thru a keen sense of fashion by adding glasses for extra points?  Or maybe by using a dramatic vocabulary?  Or perhaps the tone in your voice with certain crescendo’s to add an air of “mystery / spice” to your stories to captivate your audience.  The best way we’ve always found to look smarter at work is just to walk the straight path.  It’s simple if you really think about:  Listen to other’s when they talk.  Go a step further, make sure to look others in the eye to let them know you are paying attention and respond if asked a question.  Go crazy and ask questions, but wait for the person talking to be done first.  One can take the pressure off themselves also with these simple tips: (a) Listen, (b) Respond, (c) Be Respectful, (d) Speak Clearly & (e) Be Confident.  These basic tips are hopefully what you learned at an early age from your parents, teachers or others as you were growing up.  These basic tips will demonstrate how smart you are at work.  Pick up some books and start reading – it’s a start.  Dr. Seuss will love you forever!!!

What to think about Office Showers

The latest WOW factor that is popping up at the workplace – office showers.  No, it’s not what you are thinking (baby showers or coed showering (although – this wouldn’t be a surprise if it did happen sooner than later in the future).  Some companies are realizing that employee’s arrive at work a little sweaty from their commute because they ride their bikes to work, walk or jog to the office.  Perhaps even need a break to get out and exercise during the day.  Clearly these employees need somewhere to wash/towel off after.  Sadly not all these companies have the space or funds to build a gym or for that matter offer a gym memberships.  Some companies are managing ways to try to work thru the sweat of the gym/locker room within their own office facilities.  Male employees try to avert their eyes from their boss in their boxer briefs.  In other workplace offices, showering is like a relay race.  Trying to conserve water and save time – 4 minutes for the shower and the water shuts off.  Sucks if you still have shampoo in your hair.  Overall everyone is trying to make the best of these amenities because they enjoy the exercise and it makes their day more productive.  But do be careful where you leave your towel.  You never know who may pick up your towel and use.  Imagine picking up your towel after someone else has used it and it’s damp – GROSS!