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New York City Company Under Fire for Alleged Disability Discrimination

All workers in New York City have the right to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace, but one recently-filed lawsuit illustrates how destructive it can be when employees with disabilities are singled out for discrimination on the job. Five employees at Barclays Center recently filed a lawsuit claiming that workers with disabilities […]

New York City Diner Featured in ‘Seinfeld’ Accused of Disability Discrimination

When Tom’s Restaurant in New York City was featured in episodes of ‘Seinfeld’ in the 1990s, there was usually some comedic event going on. But in real life, according to one wheelchair-bound New Yorker, the disability discrimination currently happening in the restaurant is no laughing matter. According to a lawsuit filed by Carolyn Coleman, Tom’s […]

Non-Compete Agreements are Bad for Business

As you may know, New York and most other states do not prohibit non-compete agreements. In fact, NY courts will enforce these agreements. In California, non-compete agreements have been prohibited since 1850 and many believe that this policy has contributed to the growth of California’s economy and especially so in the technology field. A while […]