NY Wrongful Termination – Know Your Rights.

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NY Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired for an illegal reason.  But NY wrongful terminations are rare.  This is because most all New York employees are employees-at-will.  An employee-at-will can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. Fairness is not required.  The only way to remove yourself from the employment-at-will category is to [...]

Severance Packages – Key Points for Every Agreement

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A severance package is designed to ease your transition out of the company. Your employer wants to make sure you leave quietly and you want to obtain a cushion to hold yourself over until you find a new job. The points below are important to anyone trying to evaluate a severance offer.  If you need assistance, contact our New [...]

Severance Agreements – How to Improve the Terms

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Severance agreements are often open to further negotiation. Companies typically expect that their initial severance pay offer will be met with a counter offer. For example, if you have been offered four months of severance pay, your employer may be willing to pay six or seven months of severance if you ask for it. There is no [...]

Defeating New York Non Compete Agreements

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CALL US TODAY: NY: 212-571-2000 or SF: 415-262-0096 New York Non compete agreements were once limited to high level company executives who had unique access to company procedures and secrets.  Over the past decade, however, New York companies have started to make most all employees sign non compete agreements. Non compete [...]

Non-Compete Agreements Do Not Apply to New York Workers Fired Without Cause

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Fired workers in New York are not bound to non-compete agreements if they were terminated without cause.  The Southern District of New York decision, in Arakelian v. Omnicare Inc., affirms the right to work for most employees in New York, helping the state stand out for its protections of its workers. Non-Compete Agreements Void if Employee is [...]