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New York Pregnancy Discrimination

New York Pregnancy DiscriminationHave you been fired or otherwise mistreated at work due to your pregnancy?  You are not alone and you are protected.  Women today face termination, demotion, reduced hours and benefits other hardships due to pregnancy.   Moreover, pregnant employees are denied workplace accommodations which puts their health and pregnancies at risk.  New York pregnancy discrimination is a serious issue and fortunately new laws have been created to protect working women.

New York Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers

Our law firm has been helping employees fight pregnancy discrimination since 1999.  We routinely represent woman who have been fired or denied workplace accommodations.   New York City has a strong pregnancy discrimination law that can be used to leverage favorable settlements.  If you have been fired or otherwise mistreated please give us a call.

New York City Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

New York City adopted the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act in 2016 to protect working woman from a growing pattern of discrimination.  The new law protects pregnant employees and new mothers from workplace discrimination.   Under this law,  employees are entitled to reasonable accommodations at work to help with pregnancy, childbirth or any related medical issues.

Here are a few of the accommodations available to pregnant employees and new mothers:

  • transfers or changes in their jobs to reduce stress
  • Water breaks
  • Less time standing
  • Time off to recover
  • More rest breaks
  • Time off for doctors visits
  • Leave to recuperate from childbirth
  • Changes in work locations or duties to avoid exposure to dangerous substances

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New York Pregnancy Discrimination – The Law

In New York State, pregnancy discrimination is prohibited in the workplace. In certain situations, it can be considered a form of sex, disability, and familial status discrimination. Under New York law, pregnancy discrimination is adverse action on an employee that is pregnant, intends to be pregnant, recently was pregnant, or recently gave birth. Adverse actions include termination, demotion, denial of overtime, unwanted reduction of work schedule, or any other adverse action relating to the terms, conditions or privileges of employment. In the workplace, pregnancy related medical conditions should be treated the same as other medical related conditions. If it is requested, an employer should work alongside the employee to make reasonable accommodation available for her in the workplace. Examples of accommodations are voluntary time off, small changes in the workplace, allowing frequent restroom visits, etc.  Also, Employers may not retaliate against an employee for asserting her rights under these laws.

Employers must have a written, official policy that explains the plans and procedures for reasonable accommodation of pregnant and disabled employees. The policy should be distributed to the employees once they are hired and available during the course of employment.

New York Pregnancy Discrimination Cases on Contingency Fee

We handle most New York pregnancy discrimination cases on a one-third contingency fee.   This means that you don’t pay us until, and unless, we recover money for you.   Our fee is a third of whatever we recover for you.

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