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//New York Sexual Harassment Attorneys

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New York Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Our NY sexual harassment attorneys know how to get results.   We have been handling these cases since 1999 and have top ratings.   We know that most sexual harassment victims want to resolve the problem quickly and move on with their lives.   Our sexual harassment attorneys focus first on trying to resolve the case informally out of court.   If that is not possible, we file suit but only as a last resort.

Sexual harassment is illegal and often results in job loss, stress, low self-esteem, and various other psychological and medical issues. It is essential for all employees–and especially those employees who believe they may be the target of sexual harassment–to have a full understanding of the legal protections and remedies available to them.   Contact our NY office for a free consultation.   Worried about the cost of a lawyer? We handle these cases on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay unless we win.

How Our NY Sexual Harassment Attorneys can Help You

Our sexual harassment attorneys have been handling these cases since 1999.   Initially, we focus our efforts on resolving cases out of court.   Most people prefer fast informal resolutions and we do everything possible to achieve this goal.    Sexual harassment in the workplace is considered a form of gender discrimination and is prohibited by a variety of federal, state and local laws. On the Federal level, sexual harassment violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In New York state, employees are also protected against sexual harassment by the State Human Rights Law, and employees in New York City are also protected by the City Human Rights Law. Sexual harassment attorneys use these laws to protect the victims of sexual harassment.

Remedies for Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment lawyer can obtain three general categories of remedies. The first, economic damages, provides recompense for any lost wages and benefits. This is also known as back pay. Victims are also entitled to injunctive relief, such as reinstatement or promotion. In lieu of reinstatement, many employers prefer to pay the victim an approximation of her salary for the number of years she would have been employed had it not been for the harassment. This is known as front pay.

In addition to economic damages, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace are also entitled to compensatory damages for emotional distress. Punitive damages are also available. These are designed to punish the harasser for the violation rather than reimburse the victim. Under Title VII, the federal law, compensatory and punitive damages are capped based on the sized of the employer. The New York State Court Human Rights law does not provide for punitive damages, but under the New York City Human Rights law, both punitive and compensatory damages are available with no cap. Finally, a victim may also recover the legal fees owed to her/his sexual harassment lawyer and the costs of the litigation.

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