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San Francisco Severance Lawyers

Need Help with a Severance Agreement?

Contact our San Francisco Severance Lawyers.

If you have been handed a severance agreement, you should understand the terms and consequences before signing it. Our San Francisco severance lawyers can help.

Our San Francisco severance lawyers can help you review and negotiate your severance agreement.  This firm has been helping executives with severance agreements since 1999.  We  have reviewed and negotiated hundreds of severance packages and we can help  you:

  • Understand your severance package
  • Enhance the benefits of your severance agreement
  • Protect your Career

We charge a flat fee of $500 for a review and consultation. 

If we determine that better terms can be negotiated, you can hire us to negotiate on your behalf. We then contact the appropriate representative at your company (usually in-house or outside counsel) and negotiate new terms.

We charge a flat fee to negotiate. Some cases take a few hours to conclude, others take more time. In most cases, the increase in value that we obtain greatly exceeds the legal fee that we charge but we cannot guarantee results.

Contact us about a Severance Review and Consultation