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San Francisco Severance Lawyers

Severance Review & Consultation 

We recently represented a C-level executive who was pushed out of a technology company.  Her initial severance offer did not include compensation for the huge loss in unvested equity she incurred as a result of the termination.  She could of signed the offer and moved on with her life.  But, instead she hired us and after a few weeks of negotiation and a mediation session, she signed a far better deal and felt good about the outcome.

Not every severance negotiation involves C-suite compensation issues.   In some cases, an increase in health coverage or a few months salary can make a big difference.   We once had a client who only wanted to keep his company car (it was Porshe 911).

Every severance package is unique.  Some companies provide employees with fair agreements and generous payments and there is nothing the executive can do but say “thank you” as they leave.    Other cases involve gross violations of the law, but most fall somewhere in the middle.

We offer a Severance Review & Consultation for a flat fee.   It’s a good way to get a thorough review of  your severance agreement to determine if your offer is fair, identify potential traps and assess any potential leverage points.  It’s fast and efficient.  You simply send us your severance package and we review it and then meet with you in person or over the phone.

We have been helping executives with severance agreements since 1999.  We  have reviewed and negotiated hundreds of severance packages and we can help  you.

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