Defeating New York Non Compete Agreements

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CALL US TODAY: NY: 212-571-2000 or SF: 415-262-0096 New York Non compete agreements were once limited to high level company executives who had unique access to company procedures and secrets.  Over the past decade, however, New York companies have started to make most all employees sign non compete agreements. Non compete [...]

Non-Compete Agreements Do Not Apply to New York Workers Fired Without Cause

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Fired workers in New York are not bound to non-compete agreements if they were terminated without cause.  The Southern District of New York decision, in Arakelian v. Omnicare Inc., affirms the right to work for most employees in New York, helping the state stand out for its protections of its workers. Non-Compete Agreements Void if Employee is [...]

Retaliation at Work and How to Recognize it – OttingerLaw

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Fear of retaliation at work prevents many employees from defending themselves against the abusive and illegal actions of their employers.   Many employees would rather put up with discrimination, a hostile work environment, or accept being misclassified as an independent contractor or salaried employee, than risk alienating an employer and possibly even losing their jobs by [...]

5 Tricks Companies Use to Avoid Paying Overtime to Employees

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The overtime pay laws are old and complicated and most people do not understand them.  Many companies do their best to NOT explain the laws their employees.  Here is a list 5 tricks with examples that companies use to cheat employees out of overtime pay: Trick #1.  Working Off The Clock Some people are required to [...]

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How to Fetch a Better Severance Package – Video

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Severance Package Negotiation Tips My dog Miller loves to play fetch on the beach.   It struck me that playing fetch has some similarities to a severance package negotiation.   In this video, you can see Miller playing fetch on the beach and I explain how a severance pay negotiation works.  You can read more about [...]

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