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Employment Lawyers

We Represent Employees & Executives

Employment Lawyers based in New York and San Francisco

Our employment lawyers represent employees and executives in all industries.   We handle high profile, high stakes employment cases.   Our employment lawyers frequently appear in national media and make meaningful changes to improve working conditions nationwide.   We handle any employment related matter including:

Employment Lawyers Making Changes that Matter

10.0Robert W. Ottinger

Recent Results Obtained by Our Employment Lawyers

  • $5.4 Million Settlement Against Financial Media Company
  • $3 Million Settlement Against Health Care Company
  • $2.3 Million Severance Negotiated
  • $30 Million Employment Agreement Negotiated
  • $650,000 Settlement Against Manufacturing Company
  • $900,000 Settlement Against Broadcasting Company
They stayed in communication with me constantly. I had updates on a weekly basis, and it was good news most of the time. The case moved forward far more quickly than I thought it would, and the settlement that we finally agreed to was better than I expected. The Ottinger employment attorneys treated me right.
Jan H.
Excellent executive services. My attorney helped me negotiate what may be one of the best severance packages in my industry for my position and experience.
Former Client (Name withheld)
I rate all my interactions with this NY law firm very highly. From the moment we were first working together, they were always reachable when I had questions. My lawyer worked hard to ensure that I knew what was happening at each stage and that I was ready for all of my court appearances and testimony. I wouldn’t have imagined that I would have so little stress while pressing a lawsuit.
Linda B.

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