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Employment Lawyers in San Francisco, California

Our firm represents employees and executives in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.  Since 2009, our San Francisco employment lawyers have been helping Californians resolve workplace disputes.  We represent people in all industries including technology companies in the Silicon Valley.   We have handled matters involving employees at Apple, Facebook, Google and many other bay area companies of all sizes.  

San Francisco employees are protected by some of the most employee friendly laws in the Country.

San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance

This law gives San Francisco employees the right to six weeks of fully paid parental leave.  Here’s how it works.  California already has the California Paid Family Leave Program that gives new parents the right to 55% of their salary during parental leave.   The new San Francisco Paid Parental Leave law requires employers to make up the 45% difference so employees collect a full 100% of their salary (up to $106,740.00) during parental leave.  Employees can be required to use two weeks of vacation towards this leave.  This law only applies to companies with 50 more employees.  See this post for more information.

How we can Help — San Francisco Employment Lawyers

We represent executives and employees in all employment matters.   For executives, we negotiate severance packages, employments agreements and handle compensation disputes over bonuses and commissions.   

For employees, we handle claims for overtime pay, expense reimbursement, FMLA, pregnancy discrimination, and wrongful termination,  

When you need an experienced employment attorney to help you negotiate executive benefits or fight back against mistreatment at your workplace, call the Ottinger Employment Lawyers. Our California law office was opened in 2009, and like the lawyers in our office on the East Coast, we have always worked to provide our clients with strong representation and support while they’re going through these stressful events.

Employment law is our focus, and we can help you with most legal issues that involve the workplace. Just below, you can find a list of some the ways we can represent you. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at (415) 262-0096.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

Additionally, we represent employees in class-action lawsuits. Our San Francisco employment lawyers are not timid when dealing with even the largest companies.

To better serve all types of clients who need our assistance, and to cover the different types of legal services that we offer, we use several different fee agreements. Depending on the type of assistance you need, one or more of these payment arrangements may be available.

  •         Flat Fee
  •         Hourly
  •         Contingency

How to Find Us in San Francisco

Our office is conveniently located at 535 Mission Street in Downtown San Francisco. Please call ahead to schedule a consultation.

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