Non-Compete Clause: How to Escape from Them – Video.

By | January 21st, 2014|Categories: Featured, Non Compete Agreements| Un-shackle Your Non-Compete Clause Do you feel trapped by a non-compete clause?  Is there a job you want but feel chained to your current employer due to a non-compete clause.  You are not alone. Non Compete clauses have been overused and abused.  More cases are being filed challenging the validity of non-compete clauses.  And employees are [...]

Getting Fired in NY Usually Ends Your Non Compete Agreement

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Non compete agreements in New York usually end if you are fired without cause. This is not a black and white law that can be relied upon with 100% accuracy, but it is the general rule. Non compete agreements are disfavored in New York and will only be enforced if there is a legitimate reason. Courts [...]


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THIS POST CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS Jesse Pinkman has a lot of things on his mind, including an open DEA investigation and the violent death of everyone he's ever loved.  Unpaid wages are probably not high on his list of priorities. Still, he may want to think about talking to an employment lawyer when the dust settles, [...]

Overtime Pay Basics – Video

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Are  you entitled to overtime pay?  This video explains the basics. Everyone is Assumed to be Entitled to Overtime Pay Under the law, everyone is assumed to be entitled to overtime pay.   It does not matter how you are paid or what kind of work you do.  Even people who earn a salalry are [...]

NY Wrongful Termination – Know Your Rights.

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NY Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired for an illegal reason.  But NY wrongful terminations are rare.  This is because most all New York employees are employees-at-will.  An employee-at-will can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. Fairness is not required.  The only way to remove yourself from the employment-at-will category is to [...]