Fired at Will – You Can Lose Your Job for Any Reason

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You might feel that you have cannot be fired without a good reason. Many people feel the same way. But the brutal truth is that you can be fired for any reason or no reason. This is due to the employment at will rule.  In order to understand this rule better, lets take a look [...]

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Silicon Valley Sexual Harassment

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Silicon Valley Sexual Harassment Silicon Valley sexual harassment is getting a lot of attention lately.   Although it has been an issue for a long time, many women in the industry have recently shared their sexual harassment stories.  As a result, a growing number of executives accused of sexual harassment are stepping down [...]

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FMLA Retaliation Cases

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FMLA retaliation cases are potent weapons that can flip the balance of power in favor of employees.   Employees can really stand up for themselves and recover good settlements.   This video explains why these cases are so powerful for employees and bad for employers. You can also read a transcript of the video below: [...]

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Why Companies Steal Money from their Employees

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More money is stolen each year through wage theft than all other crimes combined.   Approximately 135 $Billion.  Low wage workers are hit hardest as they on average lost about one-third of their earnings each year to wage theft.   This video explains the two primary reasons why wage theft happens. Transcript Hi, [...]

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Fired on FMLA: The Story of Rodney Jones

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The Family Medical Leave Act was created to give employees time off to care for themselves or close family members.   Rodney Jones needed time off for surgery but he wound up getting fired.   Technically an employee is free to do what they want on FMLA leave, but posting photographs of yourself [...]

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